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What is sales?

Sales is about having a great conversation that will add value to your client and their business by providing solutions that will save money, make money and increase your client’s profile in the marketplace.

What is sales not?

Sales is not about pushing, or manipulating or forcing someone to purchase something they don’t want or need.


I helped take a company from $240 000 per annum to $3.6 million in the financial year.

I worked with another team in New Zealand and Internationally to hire sales team members, put sales strategies together and increase their profitability in 4 countries.

I have coached team members around New Zealand to achieve their targets and budgets focusing on relationship selling.

What’s in it for you to choose Top Achievers Sales Training?

Research has shown that the average person only has an attention span of 4 hours, so as a result, the training sessions are half day or a full day.

The training is tailored to you, your company and industry with a follow-up session 2 weeks after the training to ensure that you are able to translate the things you learned into great sales successes.

The training workshops are very practical,  interactive and fun, but a huge amount of information around the full sales process, behavioural profiling to ensure great communication skills, and the psychology of buying to help you get into your clients’ mind.

Achieving the confidence around the entire sales process, overcoming objections, understanding your value proposition,  closing the sale, and continuing to build a great relationship built on trust and value with your clients.

My background

I have been involved in sales, customer service, sales management and leadership for 38 years.

Why did I start Top Achievers Sales Training?

Over my years of sales, I received a lot of sales training. Most of the training had good product training, but the soft skills needed to build trust and relationships with prospective clients seemed to be in short supply. The problem with this is that you have salespeople who are not confident around the sales process. So I decided to leave a top paying job and start Top Achievers Sales Training. My vision was to provide sales training that specialises in the soft skills in the sales process. It is my belief that people buy people they like and trust. The training is very practical and interactive, giving candidates the ability to gain the confidence they need in order to be successful in their sales journey. I also looked at the research on the average person’s attention span and found that 4 hours is the average. This helped me to understand how 4-day training sessions left me feeling really overwhelmed. The sales training Top Achievers Sales Training offers is half or full day sessions, packed with information that will enable you to walk out of the training and talk to a client and build a great relationship and achieve the outcomes that will ensure that targets and budgets are achieved. The training covers sales, customer service, cold calling and prospecting, account and territory management, call to sales ratios, closing, questioning and listening skills, the value proposition, point of difference, pipelines, CRM systems,  and time management. My training covers Sales, Customer Services, Cold Calling and Prospecting Training, New Business Development, Account and Territory Management, Management and Leadership training as well as Coaching and Mentoring.  I am a Key Note Speaker at Conferences and Events. My training is can be one on one and small groups and I have success with my teams putting sales strategies in place so that targets and budgets can be achieved.

So why choose us?

  1. The training is half or full day.
  2. I come to you at your office or I can ensure that we have a training room
  3. The training can be for you and your team instead of a public workshop
  4. The training can be one on one or small groups
  5. The training is tailored to you, your team, your business, your industry
  6. There is a follow up done with each person a couple of weeks after the training
  7. The workshop is very practical in delivery and the entire sales process is covered with lots of tips and information for those in sales in order to manage their time and be productive as well as achieving and exceeding targets and budgets.

I run one and one workshops and Public Workshops and Seminars around New Zealand more particularly Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton – please look for dates, times and venues on the service page for courses being held this year.  We also conduct in-house training for your team or at another venue of your choice. Please call me to have a chat about how Top Achievers can help your team to increase sales on 0212171663 or email me at enquiries@topachieverssalestraining.co.nz

If you are looking for a speaker at your next conference to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower your team to dream big and increase sales, please call me on 0212171663 or email me on enquiries@topachieverssalestraining.co.nz

We specialise in Tailored Small Group,  or one on one Training, on-site for companies and individuals. Our Target Market is SME’s and Corporates anyone else who wants to be in Sales. We insist on follow up because we believe that this is the part where we are able to make sure that the knowledge gained by participants is able to be used in the individual’s sales process to increase sales and Return on Revenue.

We have packages that cover monthly training and coaching sessions with teams and individual team members.

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