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We specialise in Short courses tailored to you, your team and your industry in Sales, Customer Services, Cold Calling and Prospecting Training, New Business Development, Account and Territory Management, Management and Leadership training. Coaching and Mentoring, and I am a Key Note Speaker at Conferences and Events. Apart from the sales process, I hone in on the soft skills aspect of training. I also work with teams, individuals and companies around putting sales strategies in place so that targets and budgets can be achieved.

I have experience in Governance, as a Sales Director, Learning and Development Capability, and Learning and Development. I am used to analysing needs, writing and delivering the training.

We have Public Workshops and Seminars around New Zealand more particularly Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton – please look for dates, times and venues on the service page for courses being held this year.  We also conduct inhouse training for your team or at another venue of your choice. Please call me to have a chat about how Top Achievers can help your team to increase sales on 0212171663 or email me at enquiries@topachieverssalestraining.co.nz

If you are looking for a speaker at your next conference to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower your team to dream big and increase sales, please call me on 0212171663 or email me on enquiries@topachieverssalestraining.co.nz

We  specialise in Customised Individual, or Small Group, one on one Training, on site for companies and individuals. Our Target Market is SME’s and Corporates anyone else who wants to be in Sales. We insist on follow up because we believe that this is the part where we are able to make sure that the knowledge gained by participants is able to be used in the individuals sales process to increase sales and Return on Revenue.

The Courses that we Specialise in are Customised short course Sales Training, New Business Development, Customer Service Training, Cold Calling Training, Overcoming Objections Training, Negotiation and Networking Skills, Telemarketing Training, Presentation Training, Sales Leadership Training, New Business Development, Account and Territory Management, Character Profiling Training, On the Road Training, Contract Sales Mangement and Telemarketing, and I speak at Events and Conferences.

We have packages that cover a training session and follow up as well as monthly coaching sessions.

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