Jean is a successful sales person with over 38 years experience, in top companies on 3 continents.  Top Achievers Sales Training began eleven years ago with a mission in mind; to empower sales people, whether you are a seasoned campaigner or just starting out in your sales journey, to have confidence around the soft skills of selling, to be able to build great relationships with clients, to be trusted, and to understand the sales process which will give the individual the ability to increase sales, achieve and exceed targets and budgets, retain clients and develop business through understanding their value proposition, and why the client should choose them, their product and work with their company instead of the opposition.

The training is very practical in content and application, and gives people confidence around structures, policies and procedures and a clear sales process. We cover behavior profiling, time management, cold calling, prospecting, overcoming objections, account and territory management, follow up, call to sales ratios, pipelines, follow up, how to achieve and exceed targets and budgets,  closing and staying ahead of your competitors.


Everyone is in sales and each person in the business is the face and brand of your company, the interrelationship between the two are fundamental to the success of your company in today’s changing environment.

Her experience covers a number of industries, eg; Car Hire, Freight, Health Care, Hygiene, Advertising (web and book), Insurance, Pest Control, Print, Packaging, Tractor Sales, Website Contact Centre, Real Estate Sales people, Security and Alarm Sales, Recruitment Sales, Travel and Tourism Sales and Telesales to name a few.


We believe that good basic practical sales training will ensure that your sales people and sales teams are successful. This training is very interactive and the sessions are tailored to you, your business and your industry.


Our training, coaching and mentoring is based on 38 years of experience. These experiences, skills and strategies have enabled her to be the Top Sales Person in 6 Multi National Companies, and will empower you and your team members to achieve sustainable, consistent, profitable sales. Team members that have applied what they have learned, have had great success in meeting and exceeding targets and budgets.

We understand the market and its ever changing trends, what an ideal client looks like, evaluating competitors, and understanding your point of difference and your value proposition to enable you to have a distinct market advantage, and believe that with the right tools everyone can succeed. With a good attitude, a healthy disposition, passion and enthusiasm, we can each achieve individual greatness in anything we put our minds to. It is all about what value we bring to our clients. The training is tailored to you, your team, your business and your industry.


Jean regularly speaks at networking events, conferences and meetings,  and is absolutely passionate about ensuring companies understand their sales teams and empower to be top achievers in their sales journey.


Her passion is to empower each and every sales person to become an extraordinary sales person, to work from a position of strength, and be the best person that they can be.

Jean also works with teams and companies to put sales strategies in place for the company and the individual team members to enable targets, budgets and KPI’s to be met.

The Teams Jean has worked with have been very successful and she looks forward to working with your team to achieve greater success.



Top Achievers has a Sales Training Module based on the fact that everyone is different and therefore has different needs.

What will you get out of the training?

How to do a cold call

Putting a script together

The whole sales process

how to craft your value proposition

The sales process

How to do follow up

How to ask questions, listen for the answers, probe, overcome objections, close the sale, follow up, do a pipeline, time management, territory and account management and have confidence around the sales process.

Other courses covered

Change management

Strategic plan for sales and marketing

Ensuring targets, budgets and KPI’s are met.

Induction Training

Sales Management Training

Leadership Training

Customer Service Training

Sales and Marketing Capability

Learning and Development

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