Fees: All fees including GST. must be paid in full before the commencement of any;


    Company Directorship

    Public Seminars

    One on One Training

    Travel (International Training/Seminars/Workshops)

    Training Workshops

    In-Company Seminars

    Conference Speaking

    Any other service offered by Top Achievers Sales Training Ltd.

Late or Non-Payment: Late or non payment will result in the cancellation of any services due by Top Achievers Sales Training Ltd and/or result in legal action including all costs attached for services already provided by Top Achievers Sales Training.

Payment Methods: Direct Credit, Cash, Cheque, Master or Visa Card.

Material and Equipment: All training material and equipment will be provided by Top Achievers Sales training Ltd and included in the set fee presented. (Unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon)

Postponement or Refunds: Due to unforeseen circumstances where either party is unable to commit to the set training/dates a reschedule or credit can be arranged by agreement.

Guarantee of Quality: Top Achievers Sales Training Ltd guarantees that the service provided will be of the highest standard and quality. The content of the seminars, workshops and conferences come with a guarantee that they will meet your predetermined objectives. Should the unlikely situation arise where those objectives are not met a full refund and re-booking of a new replacement seminar will be presented.

Testimonials: Testimonials and feed back are invited from you and most welcomed.

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