Sales Coaching

Why do coaching:

I recognize the huge pressure that leaders are under

Pressure to grow revenues in an increasingly competitive and disrupted market

Pressure to focus on strategy but being dragged into endless, everyday tasks

Pressure to stay true to values when work commitment leave little time for thinking

Pressure to work very long hours and missing the connection with family and health

Work with a skilled leadership coach in a professional and confidential forum:

quickly gain insights to feel more focused and confident – back on track

reconnect with purpose, find your courage and strength to do things differently

stay solid whilst wildly busy, feel less isolated so you enjoy friends, family and timeout

recognize the patterns and habits that might be holding you back

get a condensed version of the latest leadership thinking from a coach who reads for you.

The best leaders often seek a coach when

a leader is stepping into a larger, strategic role with wider breadth and scale

a leader may be ready for the next career change

a leader is in an isolated role and needs an independent thinking partner

when leaders have lost sight of your values and want to find more meaning at work

a leader feels they are drowning in multiple demands and have become less confident.

I offer sales coaching either after a sales course has been completed, to ensure that you are able to keep on track with your sales. I am fully aware that sales is a really tough job and that everyone has good days and then some other days. The coaching is about keeping you on track on the good and the other days. Just someone to check in with and strategize where to from here.

Sales Coaching can also be for companies who do not have a dedicated sales manager to look after your team and work through sales strategies and help your team to achieve their targets and budgets.

Please call me to have a chat about how I can help you and your team.