• Top Achievers has a Sales Training System that helps you to implement sales and service solutions
    • Relationship selling
    • that enhances the value of the sales experience for customers.
    • It empowers you the Sales Person, to understand that you are a true professional.
    • It helps companies to understand that your Sales People are your Brand and Image.
    • We use our experience to examine the key performance drivers that build integrity in every aspect of the customer experience.
    • Increasing productivity and profitability – a great return on investment.
  • Stay ahead of the competition


    • Top Achievers changes the way organizations sell and service customers.
    • Integrity behaviours create a customer focus but are not limited to skills and activities.
    • Integrity is about developing the whole person from the inside out.
    • What really impacts results is not what people know but who they are.
  • Increasing Productivity and Increasing Profitability


    • Marketing and Sales Optimisation
    • Solution Selling sales process and training
    • Overcoming objections
    • Preparation & Planning for Sales Results
    • Effective Time Utilisation & Keys to Self-Management
    • Affirming Success & Maintaining Motivation
    • Prospecting for New and Existing Business Opportunities
    • Effective Listening
    • Questioning Skills
    • Mentioning and Coaching
    • Non-verbal Communication
    • Establishing Rapport & Understanding Needs
    • Identifying Needs
    • Presentation process
    • Human Synergistic
    • Territory Planning
    • Account Management
    • Presenting Features and Benefits
    • Profile & Traits of a Professional Salesperson
    • Overview of the Sales Process
    • Cold Calling
    • Business Retention
    • Cross Selling & Up Selling
    • How to be a Purple Cow
    • How to Eat your Frog
  • How to leave no Dead Snakes in a presentation

Our Sales Training System, helps you to achieve sales targets and budgets.

The learning techniques used in the facilitation of this program ensure maximum assimilation and retention of key learning points.

The objective of the company is to empower you and your sales team to be the very best that they can be and sell using confidence, honesty, integrity and good work ethic. To help you to understand that you are Professionals with the ability to influence your and your clients industries.

It is also about helping the companies to understand your sales team is important to your company and need to be trained because they are the brand and image of your company to your clients.

Without Sales People, business as we know it, would not be able to function. However, in order to remain Achievers in their own chosen fields of business, Sales People need the business/sales tools to be successful. This also allows companies to stay profitable and to remain ahead of the competition.

Sales people need professional training.

Sales topics include:

    • Sales Training
    • Customer Service
    • Time Management
    • How to deal with Angry people
    • Supervisor training
    • Cold Calling
    • Presentations
    • Pubic speaking
    • Sales Management Courses
    • Sales Leadership
  • Personality/ Behavioural Assessments and Training

Induction Training

  • Introduction covers who the company is, their vision, mission, culture, how things work around here.
  • Where are the toilets
  • Where do I find any stationery
  • How do I log onto my computer and emails, company signature
  • When do I get paid
  • Drivers’ license, car keys, petrol card etc
  • Business cards
  • Meetings
  • Conferences, Expos, Networking meetings, Christmas functions,
  • Packs to take to client
  • Product knowledge
  • Catch up with manager
  • Paperwork – what has to be in and when
  • Client visits, phone calls, how many each day, or week or month.
  • Outcomes and expectations of the position
  • Dress code/uniform
  • Start, finish, teas, and lunch times
  • Acceptable behavior/unacceptable behavior
  • Hair, nails, general hygiene – just remember you are the face of the business and always on the “stage” and so be careful
  • Access to tea, coffee, lunch room etc
  • Company structure – who reports to whom
  • JD and Contract
  • Use of photocopier etc
  • Filing
  • Answering phones
  • Bullying or complaints from co-workers or clients and how to handle
  • Customer Service
  • Health and Safety guidelines/practice
  • What level of access do you have on the work computer to all the systems, internet, etc
  • Holidays/company shutdown
  • What to do if you are in an accident or sick or you have an emergency.
  • What to do in the event of a fire, bomb threat, earthquake etc.
  • Client letter – are they standardized?
  • Cyber attacks, phishing, account hacked into
  • Facebook, or other social media platforms – how to address them – what is the company viewpoint.

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