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  • Preparation was extremely thorough with a good understanding of the industry
  • Background work had been prepared also on the competition and their relative positioning within the industry
  • The presentation was energetic, engaging and enjoyable
  • The main topic of sales was covered from many angles and gave us an understanding of the platforms we should be using
  • The topic of having a viable ‘Value Proposition’ was received very well which gave us an understanding of HOW to approach sales calls
  • We have since spent some time initialising and confirming our ‘Viable Propositions’ for each brand
  • The overall approach, delivery and empathetic nature of the presentation was appreciated

Two weeks on we are still analysing and discovering valuable points from the Sales Training. Having notes to refer back to has been invaluable in establishing a solid plan for the future.

Both Kamilla and I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our small company and the challenges that we face with future growth.

Once again, I thank you for your time and professionalism in training another of our sales team to help understand and implement the key components of selling. These often-common functions of the sales cycle can be underestimated and also overlooked when constantly focussing on capturing opportunities and converting them into income.

As discussed, I believe it is essential that an “out of house” expert is introduced not only to cover certain common aspects again but to do so in a different environment where the learning experience can make a considerable difference. Having one on one training has also proven very rewarding as concentration is devoted and questioning can be immediately answered and in-depth if necessary.

Our Sales Specialist returned more focussed and interested and immediately commenced implementation of some key processes.

All in all, you have provided excellent value and I see your services and our results as a very good return on investment.

Keith Jackson

Jean Barr from Top Achievers Sales Training facilitated a sales workshop for Ardent Executive Business Advisors.  Jean’s presentation was professional and informative.  It invoked a superb sales discussion and reaffirmed specific best practice for Ardent Executive Sales.

Jean, is a person that changed my sales life dramatically, a few years ago, when she took me under her wings and taught me how to market and sell.  Her selling tips were extremely useful and I have used them every day since.  Jean, gave me the encouragement I needed when I felt like I could just not do it and just had enough.  Just a little word each time I call to say “Hey! You are the best and you can do it” that gave me the boost I needed to carry on.  The world is full of want to be salespeople, but if you do not get taught the basic steps of selling in a fun and happy way and put them into practice daily, you will not succeed.   Jean, has the most wonderful and funny little sayings that will just push you over the edge.  I would encourage you to learn from Jean, use what she has taught you and you will go places.  I now look at each day as an exciting challenge and think, why should any other person get the sale, they are mine.  I do not have competition anymore, because I believe in myself and what I can do.  So all of you out in New Zealand look out for me because I am your competition and you will have to be good to beat me at selling.

Natalie Botha

Jean has been working with our team for some weeks and has produced a noticeable difference in our ability to handle and convert incoming calls and to build confidence in our ability to make outgoing sales calls.  She relates well to our staff and our investment in Jean’s time and skill has been well worthwhile.

W F (Bill) Milnes



“Jean gave us an inspiring insight into what drives top achievers and how they deliver their objectives. The audience was from a wide range of business and sales backgrounds and all took away ideas on how they personally could develop their sales skills.”

Philippa O’Mara, Director, Diva Business Solutions Limited.

‘Top Achievers’ Sales Training’ delivered an excellent professional training half day which addressed our need for targeted sales training.  More specifically, Jean Barr, as a facilitator, was able to adapt and personalize presentations and interactions. This provided us with tailored solutions for more successful sales presentations to potential clients.”

Grayson C Allen

Together Creative

We wanted to raise our business’ profile to other businesses in complementary industries and sought to optimize our success rate with our cold calling programme.  Like most business owners, we believed in our service proposition but we had two key concerns:

  1. We wanted to ensure that we would convey our message accurately and succinctly.
  2. We were worried about making cold calls.  This was unfamiliar territory for us and like most people, we feared the unknown.

We learned that Jean was running a course on cold calling and prospecting and I registered to attend it.

Jean inspired me about the benefits of cold calling if it was done effectively.

During the course, Jean worked with me to identify what differentiates Wall Treats from our competitors.  Jean then helped me to phrase the key messages I wanted to convey into words that would incite my prospect’s interest.  To help me overcome my nerves and fear, Jean and I then worked one-on-one for half a day to help me hone my delivery.

It has now been several months since I started cold calling our prospects.  The work that Jean and I did previously to prepare me for making the cold calls has been effective.  Our success rate has exceeded our expectations.  Our prospects understand what Wall Treats stands for and the benefits that we can offer them.  Many of them have consented to stay in touch with us and some have even started referring us to others.

We are certain that the coaching we received from Jean has helped contribute to what we have achieved so far with our cold calling programme.

Ashley Wong, Operations Manager, Wall Treats

I recently attended a sales training course with Jean. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive beforehand, but once I met Jean I was hooked. Jean has a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm for Selling which is incredibly contagious.  Her course covers a lot of detail regarding the training process so you know what you need to do, while she gives you the confidence that you can do it!

I would highly recommend working with Jean. I know I saw the results straight away. Rachel Lobb Business Owner.

Thank you for providing a great course!

The team that you were training had a thoroughly enjoyable time, however, it was unfortunate that there was not more time towards the end of the course

The feedback from the team mentioned that they feel much more positive about making and taking calls and more prepared to deal with taking calls from disgruntled customers.

Jeremy Bray

Brother (NZ) Ltd

Thank you, Jean, for your tremendous effort training up our young saleswomen earlier this year. Your well-organized approach, enthusiasm and good humor elevated our new saleswomen to new heights of confidence, focus and performance. I know she really appreciated your encouragement and genuine interest in succeeding with her new sales role within the company. Your follow-up training visits were most helpful and ensured what she had learned was reinforced and fine-tuned. Again, thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Colin A Young


ARC Automation, Security & Electrical Ltd

I am always dubious about the amount of sales training courses available and whether or not there is value for money in the learning outcomes.  After a comprehensive investigation, we recently enlisted Jean Barr to carry out some training.  Jean was fantastic, she took the time to find out about our company, how we operate and what outcomes we required.  She then carried out the training one on one on site and achieved everything we wanted and more.  I would recommend Jean to anyone looking at sales or customer service training.  We will definitely use Jean for our ongoing training needs.

Brigitte Sargent


Dear Jean,

A quick note to express our gratitude for the recent sales training you ran at our premises

We needed some help to put in place some practical and focused sales training for our Sales team. We needed something that could be applied immediately, it also needed it to be relevant to our business, simple to apply and easy to measure.

We are pleased to say that Top Achievers did that for us and we will defiantly be contacting you again when we need some more sales help.

Your simple down to earth manner was appreciated by the team and they have all gained plenty from the sessions.

I would be happy to act as a reference should any prospective clients wish to talk to me.

Yours sincerely

Brian Lawrence

Managing Director

“Besides her enthusiasm & ability to listen & willingness to understand my goals, Jean was really helpful in giving me more structure in regards to cold calling, maintaining & building a pipeline of clients and great ideas to qualify more prospects.  I closed 15 sales during the month I worked with her & doubled the amount of sales calls (if not more!)/day. I would definitely recommend Jean’s training services to anyone who wants to improve their sales skills!”



United Products Ltd

I am pleased to provide a written testimonial for Jean Barr. Jean worked with us for up to nine months in 2010 and 2011. In that time she always impressed us with her professionalism and hard work.

Jean took charge of the telesales operation for our Australian company and she performed her duties admirably. She made many friends in this role and won a significant amount of business for us.

It is not easy selling into another country but she managed this with aplomb and dedication. We wish her every success in the future.

Brian Snell Director United Products Ltd

Our business had grown to a stage where we required the assistance and support of a “sales professional”.

We recognized that we could make significant progress in our sales performance by having access to an independent person to help maintain the motivation and enthusiasm of the sales force.

We also wanted someone to review our overall sales strategy, and make suggestions on possible improvements to our systems and procedures to ensure we maximized our sales opportunities

Jean Barr at Top Achievers Sales Training ticked all the boxes.

We are happy to provide this testimonial in recognition of the assistance and support given to date, but more importantly, because we are getting the results that we believed we were able to achieve once we committed to the issues outlined above.

David Oliver

Euro Salon Supplies Limited

Hi Jean.

Thank you very much for your time and effort to bring sales strategies and new techniques to our business and staff.

We have seen staff grow in confidence and sales numbers increase.

We thank you again for your time

The Sportsfuel Team
0800 891 34

The confidence that I have gained from my course with top achievers has helped me approach people and businesses. I have been more successful in gaining new clients.

Shaun McNamara

To Whom it may concern

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a sales course on the 10th Oct with Jean Barr the CEO and director of top achievers and sales training. Jean took time out of her busy schedule to run the course even though it was just for one person.

Her approach to training was enthusiastic, friendly and very professional which made learning for a first time sales person very easy. She passed on some very useful strategies, plans and ideas for me and for my business in the South Island which has helped me with some successful results and enabled me to plan more efficiently for the go forward.

Jean has been in continual contact with me since the course to discuss outcomes look at sales results and to also facilitate any issues or problems I have had

I have no hesitation in recommending Jean and her company to any other prospective companies who are looking for a professional team to help with sales training in the future.

Brendon Perriam
South Island manager

I wanted to thank you again for the time you gave our company, it was extremely useful for our new salesperson, Ryan, who found the statistics part a relief in that it can take up to 11 visits before a sale is made and he realized the value in keeping in touch with clients.

Both Allen and I, being seasoned travelers, found the sales training to be motivating and inspiring and helped to pull us together as a team. I was particularly impressed by how the training was put together, it was specific to us, useful, and was delivered in a coherent and professional manner. Jean, you must have put a lot of work prior to the training as your knowledge of our industry was very good.

Thanks again for your time,

Talk soon,

Sheree Small

Effluent Pumping Services Ltd

Jean was fantastic at putting me back on track, giving me confidence and clarifying what I need to get across to people. Her follow up service has also been outstanding and I know she really wants all her clients to succeed and it is important for her that they get real results following her training course.


Sarah Davies
Brand Consultant


Hi Jean

I just wanted to thank you for coming to our head office in Napier to give our sales team some training in November.  I gave you a very strict brief and you had a lot to cover in a four-hour session and you certainly delivered!

I would highly recommend you to any company who wants a personalized approach rather than ‘these are the ABC’s of selling’, you really did your research into our company well and understood where we need to place ourselves in the market as well as addressing specific challenges faced by our Sales Team who are not interested in being pushy sales people!  Please ask anyone thinking about your services to call me for a verbal testimonial.

I also appreciate the on-going support and follow up you’ve offered us and I will be taking you up on this in the New Year.  Thanks again.

Kind regards –

Michèle Wilton ND, Dip Med Herb

National Sales Manager, New Zealand

77 Austin St, Onekawa, Napier 4110

P O Box 19033, Onekawa, Napier 4146

Ph:  +64 21 222 2634


Thank you for your email and it has been great working with you as well,
I have learned a lot in a short time from you.


Jean’s approach is conscientious, thorough and tailored to you as an individual. Afterward, I felt like I had the skills required to approach aspects of my job differently and with more confidence.

Mark Maultby

Territory Manager

021 940 601

I always keep your ideas in my mind when I am calling with folk and my planning is better since we met.



My time with Jean was amazing.

I listened with an open mind and feel such enthusiasm

Vicki – Scholastic New Zealand

Jean customized the training course to meet our needs at our place of business.

We found her course to be relevant, motivating and inspiring.

Our team came away better equipped and confident in creating strategies to achieve successful sales.

In the future, as we grow from strength to strength we will definitely be calling on Jean again.

Thank you, Jean, for your wonderful enthusiasm and support.

Gillian Allen on behalf of the Team at ZhongFu Special Aluminum Company

Dear Jean

I would highly recommend you to any company who wants a personalized approach rather than ‘these are the ABC’s of selling’, you really did your research into our company well and understood where we need to place ourselves in the market as well as addressing specific challenges faced by our Sales Team who are not interested in being pushy sales people but are interested in having mutually beneficial conversations with our customers!

Kind regards

Michele Wilton

Dear Jean

Thank you very much for the sales training yesterday. I came away with a clearer understanding of the sales process, helpful tips and how to overcome objections while making a cold call.

The training has certainly changed the way I look at sales tasks and help develop becoming an efficient Sales Executive.

Amanda Robb

Hi Jean

The course opened my eyes and ears. Even though I didn’t work on Monday, I still had my best week ever.

I surpassed my personal best, having a clearer focus.

Greg & Mignon

Kia Ora Jean

I would sincerely like to thank you for your time, patience and enthusiasm at our Team Building workshop. My goal for my team and I was to better understand each other, what motivates us and to stand out and make a difference. We came out of the workshop more focused and inspired. We also liked how you asked us to get our “Passion” back and find our “sweet spot” because you function best when you are truly engaged. It was also beneficial to us that you were able to tailor the training to our needs and made the process more valuable.

Michelle McGrath

Liz Fry

I ran a Success Day for my team last month and I had three speakers. I strategically scheduled Jean as the last speaker as I knew she would be able to lift the room and finish on a high as we had had a pretty full on morning!

I was not wrong! Wow, what an amazing amount of useful information she managed to fit into the time. Her interaction, her quick quips, her vibrancy, and her strength was incredible. We all left with many tools, more self-belief and confidence we are in the right business!

Thank you so much, Jean, the ripple effect has been amazing!

The top sales achiever training course helped me with approaching potential clients better and turning a ‘no’ into a yes! I learned how to find the value for each client and to show them what they will be benefiting from advertising with us. When I first started my job here is the first person to go into this role I had to teach myself what to do and Jean has really helped me to learn different techniques to gain much better results!! I’ve started arranging appointments with potential clients rather than keeping it as a phone/email and in return, I’ve managed to gain more sales each month from this technique. Thank you so much for helping me on my sales journey

Kind Regards, 

Olivia Brown | Office And Sales Manager  

Lincoln University Students’ Association (LUSA)

Jean created a safe, creative and thriving environment for me to learn and grow in. Jean was very productive, educational and always left me feeling so much more confident than I ever did before seeing her. Jean helped me better manage my time, organize myself and face the fears blocking me from achieving my potential. Thank you for everything Jean


“Jean was an absolute pleasure to deal with, she has provided me with some great tools for me to be able to implement within my territory and I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Jean tailor made the training around our business and my requirements and I was very impressed as she had done her research on our business and competitors before meeting with me. Thanks again Jean & I look forward to working with you again in the future



To whom it may concern

I Chose to Jean Barr from many companies offering sales training.  Reasons being she offered one on one, which is what I was looking for to re-enforce my own training for one of my salespeople.  She certainly did a great job and the unexpected follow up was greatly appreciated and valued by myself, and my sales executive. Her positive and no-nonsense approach is a winner if you want great results.

Lyne Cameron
Sales Manager
Snowy Peak Ltd

Corey Kennett

Employment Consultant at LEXINGTON LEGAL LIMITED

Jean was recently commissioned by Lexington Legal to train me on effective sales techniques. I found her training methods and experience enlightening and now after just two sessions with Jean I am very confident I have the tools required to become a top achieving salesperson. Jean represents value in the training she provides whereby the sales I have achieved already far outweighs the cost of her services. I would thoroughly recommend Jean to any organization that wants to have top sales achievers

Keith Johnston

Hi Jean

My sincere thanks for your time and input with Sean. He thoroughly enjoyed the session and more importantly, found it very beneficial.

He has certainly recommended your services, so very well done and I will be contacting you if we require further, or alternative training requirement

Jean took the time to talk to me beforehand, about our company, our position in the market, and my goals for our sales staff, so that her time spent with my staff was valuable and on point. I also appreciated the follow up after the training to get Jean’s feedback, as well as the follow-up work with our staff directly to ensure that they are using the skills they have learned, to maximize their potential.

K Stevens

Many  thanks for presenting at our Tautoko workshop yesterday. What a brilliant session, so much relevant and thought-provoking information. We really appreciate your support.

Manager NFP Organisation

Highly recommended. Our team enjoyed the interactive, fun and engaging presentation with an important message – keeping clients happy and informed is the pathway to success. Without happy clients, we wouldn’t exist!

Service Manager/NFP sector/Financial Mentoring

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