True Grit

I know that Business owners and Sales people go through good days, bad days, good weeks, bad weeks, good months and other months in terms of their targets, budgets and finances.

True Grit is about having a great plan, and sticking to the [plan, strategy and discipline of doing things each day to achieve the outcomes you need to achieve.

True grit is about digging in and not allowing the circumstances of today, or this week, change your vision, mission and goals that you have set yourself.

True grit is about digging deep even when things look absolutely rubbish, when you don’t know if you can pay the electricity, staff,  put food on the table, or put petrol in your car.

It is so important to have a good structure and process that you can keep to when things get a big out of kilter. What happens sometimes is that when things get tough we tend to scramble and don’t do our routines, which then takes us further off course.

Keep facing forward, don’t give up and sometimes it is worth stepping back, going for a walk or doing something different for the day or half day to achieve better outcomes.

It is the winners mindset.

Have an amazing day, and a great month. Look after yourself and know that you are doing a great job.

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Sales Blog

Happy New Year everyone.

In sales this is the start of a whole New Year with new targets and budgets to achieve, new goals and plans to implement around your sales strategy in order to achieve these targets and budgets.

It is worth remembering that 76% of your target market look on line for products and services that they need, want and make up their minds online and then contact you or a company that they found just to confirm that they are in fact getting what they are looking for.

So it is important to ensure that your company details are up to date, collateral is up to date, that your CRM is up to date with all your client details and that you have a great value offer for each and every client and that you have a conversation with them about what it is that they are looking for, wanting, or needing.

Some of your clients may think that they know what they want or need, however, they need you, the expert in your field, to help them through that process.

Should you want or need some help around your sales strategy, or a value proposition for your clients, please call me and I would love to help you 0212171663 or email me on

Never give up

(7) Welcome! | LinkedIn


“It can be very tough to gain a first appointment with a prospect.

This is an issue that affects sales people around the world irrespective of your product or service. The first appointment is critical to the success of ongoing business.

Here are 3 tips to make those appointments.


  1. Preparation is essential. Be really clear around who your target market is and why. Go online and research prospective clients. Look at what they do and how they do it, do they export, import, have multiple branches, where is their head office, who their clients are, who their competition is and what the competition is doing.
  2. Look at what your offer is and why it would be good for this client. Have a strong value proposition. All your client really wants to know is “WIIFT” What is in it for them. Is it going to save them money, make them money, or put them ahead of the competition and make their offer to market a stronger one. (give them a competitive market advantage). You have to earn the right to that appointment through a strong value proposition.
  3. Have a great positive mindset, and a strong reason for calling with confidence and belief in the fact that you can add value to their business. Make the call, introduce yourself, (the aim is to get the appointment not sell on the phone). Acknowledge that their time is precious so keep your conversation brief using the KISS principle – Keep it simple sunshine. Ask for the appointment, how you can help them and let them know how long the appointment will take. Thank the client for their time and follow up with an email confirming the appointment.

Every success with your prospecting.

Sales Targets and Budgets

It is coming close to the end of the year and for some of us the targets and budgets have not been met. One of the ways to increase your sales in the short term is to go back to all the clients you have seen this year and catch up with them to see where they are right now – follow up.

You have to talk value otherwise they will not see you.


We normally procrastinate when we don’t know what to do, or we are overwhelmed by the task, or we just don’t want to do it.

The way to get over this or address this is to block some time out in your diary. Chunk the task up into manageable size bites, and then tackle one thing at a time and if it starts taking too long – move on to the next thing.

Sales Training


We specialise in Short course/tailored courses in Sales Training, Customer Services Training, Cold Calling and Prospecting Training, New Business Development, Account and Territory Management, Management and Leadership training. Coaching and Mentoring, Conference and Event Speaker.

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